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While India and Indians are gradually embracing newer sports like Tennis, Football, Kabaddi and Volleyball, cricket is still way ahead of them in terms of popularity. Toyota Games, a trusted Online Cricket betting ID provider too has tied up with several reputed Sportsbook and Sportsbook exchanges dedicated to this game. Interestingly, cricket is the second most popular sport after football in the world. However, its fans typically reside in the Asian geographies; United Kingdom and Australia being a couple of exceptions.

Toyota Games’ bookmakers are carefully chosen, and therefore they offer safe and secure betting environment, a broad range of betting options such as league bets, series bet, player bets and team bets. As a top online cricket betting ID provider we make sure that our bettors are offered exceptional odds and equally broad range of events. Our betting partners cover every match and league games.

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So, whether it is ICC World Cup, T-20 World Cup, the Ashes Series or IPL, Toyota Games and its Sportsbook associates cover every cricketing event.

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Considering the stupendous popularity of IPL, our partner websites tweak their servers and technologies for the massive rush and unprecedented betting volumes. For our customers it simply means effortless and seamless betting, quick deposits and withdrawals and highly secure payment gateway. And yes, Whatsapp communication facility too.

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Not familiar with a particular betting odd? No problem. Toyota Games’ blog section offers not just tips and betting suggestions but also answers some of the tricky questions, especially encountered by rookies or those migrating from offline to online betting. We strongly suggest you read our blogs apart the FAQ's page. Most of the professionals are aware of the three types of betting odds and our partner Exchanges employ them as the case may be. No wonder then we are known as the leading online cricket betting sites.

Trusted Online betting id provider – Steps to get your Online Betting ID

If your are on the Website then
  • Click on the Whatsapp button in the Webpage.
  • Ask for the Online Betting ID.
  • You just have to pay minimum of 100 Rupees to get your Online ID.
  • Get your Betting ID instantly from us.
And if you are not on the website then
  • Directly Whatsapp us on 9769694400 or 9769694411.
  • Ask for the Online betting ID.
  • Our team will provide you the betting id instantly.

Is Toyota Games One of the Best Online Cricket Betting Sites?

Let’s be fair. There are others in this domain. But what make us stand out is our operators, our associates. Our bookmakers and partner websites are thorough professionals and therefore considered in high regards by wagers and betting bloggers. As a renowned Online cricket betting ID provider in India, Toyota Games promises to offer -

  1. Competitive Odds - It simply means bettors get fair value for their bets.
  2. Multiple Betting Markets - Spread your odds, wager across multiple betting landscapes to increase winning chances.
  3. Wide Range - Unlimited and a broad range of betting options.
  4. Value – We offer betting odds value which is one of the best in the industry.

Toyota Games – Only Legal Sportsbooks

Online betting and gambling rules are quite fuzzy in India. Toyota Games offers Legal Cricket Betting Sites in India which makes us a great avenue to earn on the side and also for leisure and entertainment.

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Are you searching for the best online cricket ID provider in India? Do you wish to win a large sum of money? Do you wish to place a wager on a cricket match? Do you want to know how to get an online cricket ID? Then you've arrived to the right location. Because we are the most trusted and licenced cricket betting id supplier online, with quick money deposit and withdrawal. We've been in the business from many years, creating around 150 online ids for cricket betting every day.

Why to Choose Toyota Games as Your cricket id provider

Toyota Games is one of the top online cricket ID providers in India. With their secure and reliable platform, they provide users with the best online cricket betting IDs. They are committed to providing an enjoyable and safe experience for their customers.

Toyota Games offers a wide range of Sports option that make them stand out from other online cricket ID providers. They provide users with a secure and reliable platform to bet on their favorite teams and players. Their customer support team is always available to help with any queries or issues that may arise while using the platform. Furthermore, they offer bonuses, promotions, and discounts for regular users who place bets on their site.

With Toyota Games' top-notch services, you can be sure that your online cricket betting will be safe and secure. So if you're looking for the best online cricket ID provider then look no further than Toyota Games!

So, what are your thoughts? Call us right away by phone or WhatsApp to acquire your cricket betting id in 30 seconds.

Online Cricket betting is more popular than ever, and you want to make sure you're obtaining the best online Cricket Betting ID provider available. Here at, we believe our services and options exceed those of any other online id cricket provider available in the market today.

What is Online Cricket ID?

A cricket id is an online identity purchased by individuals in order to manage and track their online cricketing activity. Cricket betting id allows users to participate in national and international cricket T-20, ODI, and 5 Days Test Match competitions, create unique team profiles, and earn various incentives through online gaming. This online cricket betting account acts as a unique identifier for tracking online activity and enables users to identify other online players who are interested in participating in the same events or tournaments. For competitive gamers, investing in an online cricket betting id might mean the difference between success and failure because it allows them to stay connected with other online players and enhance their skills. We deal with many exchanges and offer several sorts of IDs. IPL Id, Cricket Id, Sports Id, Betting Id, Silver Exchange Cricket Id, and Diamond Exchange Cricket Id are some examples.

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Sports ID
Get your online cricket/sports id with us and instantly start Playing. Message us to get your ID now.
24 Hours Support
We have a team of experts who available 24/7 to guide you through our whatsApp chats.
Trusted Betting Site
Transparency and accuracy is the most important for us and for our customer. We deal in the most transparent way.
Withdrawal and Refilling
SportsFerrari Book provides instant service of id withdrawal & refilling with min to max amount.
Available Payment Methods
Multiple methods are available for Paymetns. Customer can pay via Net Banking, Bank Transfer, Paytm, Google pay, IMPS, PhonePe etc.
Secure Betting
Security is our Top priority and hence your data and imformation is safe and is not shared at any Point!
Betters need to understand that while Sportsbook allows wagering within a limited environment, Exchanges offer the flexibility of betting between groups or individuals and in both the cases Toyota Games offers the convenience of paying in Indian Rupees. This includes betting on international events such as card games, teen patti, casino, slot games, binary, greyhound / horse racing etc. We have partnered with a host of entities to provide a full range of professional / leisure betting options. With lowest commissions and highest security your odds were never so favorable. So, what are you waiting for, play game online with an ID from Toyota Games.